Gravity of Youth

$389.00 USD

  • 18 colour hand-pulled screenprint on Somerset Satin 410gsm
  • 75 x 53 cm
  • Limited 48hr timed release
  • Hand-signed and numbered in pencil
  • Features Eelus blind stamp for added authentication
  • Comes with hand-signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Frame not included

Inspired once again by my daughter Pearl, as I watch her young mind trying to grapple with the world around her and my worries on how the weight of living in these times will affect her generation.

The spectrum of colours symbolising how supportive hope and positivity can be when things get heavy.

This is a timed release, meaning the full edition will go into production as soon as the sale ends. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your print to be dispatched. We will endeavour to get all the prints to everyone in time for Christmas.

What is a timed release?

A timed release is when a print is only made available for a short period of time. When the sale ends, the print is no longer available. The total amount of prints sold becoming the final numbered limited edition.

What is a Screenprint?

Screenprinting is a form of creative wizardry used to transfer a design onto a surface such as paper or fabric. It involves manually pushing ink through a mesh screen using a squeegee. The screen acts as a stencil, placing the ink only where it's supposed to go. The colors used in screenprinting are meticulously mixed by hand and applied to the artwork one at a time, creating a final product that is vibrant and multi-layered.

Serigraphs (screenprinted artworks), are considered unique and original works because they're created manually. Meaning each print is one-of-a-kind, making them highly desirable among collectors.

Screenprinting has been used for centuries, but it reached new heights in the 1960s with the emergence of Pop Art. Artists like Andy Warhol introduced a more polished and sophisticated technique to screenprinting not seen before. Nice one Andy!

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good vibes
''When you buy prints or originals from Eelus it's always exciting! The quality of the images, printing methods and materials is always A++. His service is excellent and his art always gets noticed around the home.''
— Lee
"As great fans of his work, we’ve had the pleasure of acquiring many varied pieces by Lee over the last few years. The colourful, vibrant work brings movement and life to our walls, we’re both grateful and proud to display them. Viva Eelus!"
— Christian
"Eelus was one of my first loves in street art. From the first crush I’ve developed an obsession collecting his works, one that has brought me nothing but joy and happiness."
— Panu
"Lee's work gives me an unbroken, perpetual reassurance of hope and light in darkness - like epiphanies pointing me through my aging and telling me not to worry, everything is going to be ok."
— Phil
"Similar to using a song to describe my feelings, I can also do that with Eelus's work. The vibrant colors pull you in, but then you have to step back to see the nuances and subtleties of the black & white. The prints themselves are superb quality: The strong ink smell of the tube, the thick layers, hand-finished accents, deckled edges, etc. It’s always a special day when one is delivered. Everything is handled with care and he’s always willing to answer questions and converse over email."
— Michael
"I absolutely love the positivity and colour in all of Eelus's artwork. I'm a very proud owner of one of his prints, I look at it everyday and instantly feel happy."
— Suzy
"I'm really drawn to the dark humour and the layers of meaning in Lee's art. Bright, colourful and visually appealing scenes playfully revealing themselves to have macabre or melancholy undertones on closer inspection. He clearly thinks and cares deeply about his work and his attention to detail ensures the finished product is always of the highest quality."
— David
"Chewbarber - the first art print I bought, Star Wars humour had me hooked… inspiring, that’s an understatement."
— Ryan
"Eelus has absolutely nailed it again with 'The Escape', the quality of print, the colours are top quality like the rest of his works. Looking forward to the next release."
— James
"I saw Eelus's work while I was walking past a local gallery in San Francisco and was immediately drawn to it; I knew instantly I needed to have it. I was so captivated by the vibrant colors and expressive shapes! I particularly love how Eelus portrays movement in such a playful way. This is now the main piece in my living room and it makes me smile every time I look at it!"
— Zanna
"'Safe From Harm' has pride of place on the wall of my studio office, the beautifully playful colour arrangements are striking, the hand finish is intricate and rewarding to the eye. I love this piece so much, both haunting and beautiful with rich vibrant colours that seem to dance off the paper. I’m so glad to have it in my collection and it continues to inspire me every day."
— Dave
"Lee's prints are almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The colours are bold and there's a sense of fun in the work. I enjoy looking at my print every day and I will buy more in the future."
— Mark
"My Eelus print is the last thing my kids see before bed, and the first thing they see on their way down in the morning. I love the way it so perfectly captures the innocence of youth."
— Kai